24 Flammable Items You Should Never Store

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While most items are generally allowed in storage, there are still restrictions. Items that cause a threat of starting a fire are strictly prohibited! Flammable items can be very toxic and become more vulnerable during higher temperature months. Extreme temperatures can create ignitable vapors, natural gasses and air mixtures. Combustible liquids have a danger zone of any temperatures that are 100°F degrees or higher. Flammable items can be triggered at temperatures 100°F or under.

The following items are considered flammable/combustible:

  • Propane tanks
  • aerosol cans
  • Jerry cans
  • gasoline tanks
  • cooking oils
  • fertilizers
  • fireworks
  • oxygen tanks
  • explosives
  • Kerosene lamps
  • alcohol
  • cleaning products
  • loaded firearms
  • ammunition
  • paint
  • paint thinner
  • paint remover
  • cooking oil
  • lighters
  • acid
  • roofing tar
  • fueled motorized vehicles
  • asbestos
  • batteries

If you are storing motorized vehicles or gas-motored equipment, it’s inevitable to make sure all liquids are drained from gas tanks. Taking the extra step towards fire safety is well-worth the time. Examining your items before storing is a great way to protect and can help prevent horrible accidents!

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