6 Ways to Keep Pests Away from your Storage Unit

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While most storage facilities have pest control, there’s never a guarantee that unwanted creatures can’t find their way in. It’s important to ask management about their pest control procedures before moving in. Storage facilities usually hire exterminators to control the property, but do not access the inside of the tenants units to exterminate.

Small insects, mice, bed bugs, flees, ticks and flies are common pests found in storage units. Traps are helpful as long as they’re used safely and correctly. Spraying deterrents in your unit can help too. Rats/Mice do not like strong fragrances. Keeping an air freshener in the unit can help. During the summer months, infestation is more common. Always contact management at your facility if the situation is uncontrollable.

Some things that you can do to avoid pest infestation are:

  1. Use bed covers for your mattresses (our facilities sell them)
  2. NEVER put or leave perishables or any type of food or beverage in your unit!
  3. Use wrap to protect for upholstered furniture
  4. Washing/clean clothing before putting into storage
  5. Put stored items on higher shelves
  6. Inspect your unit and all your storage boxes before moving in

One thought on “6 Ways to Keep Pests Away from your Storage Unit

  1. Jay Jorgenson

    I like how you mention making sure that the storage facilities are regularly treated for pests. I agree that storage facilities should have pest control so that the wood furniture doesn’t get eaten by termites. Thank you for the advice. I’ll contact a storage service and ask if they provide pest control.


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