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By sr0cke2 Posted November 28, 2018 In Blog

One of the more impressive uses that we’ve heard of for needing storage in Orem is to store donations for a teen as she collected items for donations to those who were evacuated as she completed her required service projects to receive recognition from her church’s young women’s organization. Originally, the items that she requested from her family, friends, and neighbors lived in a corner of the living room. As the fires grew and touched thousands of southern Utah County residents, she quickly ran out of space due to all of the generous donations.

When word got out that she needed additional space, an uncle contributed to the cause and paid for an Orem storage unit. In all, she logged a little over 20 hours of service, had nearly 50 volunteers to help her, and was able to give care packages to close to 1,000 of the evacuees whose lives were touched by the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain wildfires.

The remarkable thing is that this girl has managed to remain completely anonymous. She refused press coverage and gave a pseudonym when asked her name. She was able to remain low profile and has disappeared into the hallways of her high school with only a small number of people knowing who she was. No selfies on Snapchat, no newspaper articles, simply silent service.

This act was only one of many projects that were tackled by the community as a way to give comfort to those who were displaced from their homes or as a message of gratitude for the firefighters who were working long and dangerous shi s to save the homes of people that they would never meet.

With all of the negative news coverage that typically fills our days, there is something that is upli ing when we hear of those helping others. We can each help others in our small section of the world, and our service or acts of kindness need not be large or even public. Simply smiling or holding a door open for someone can make one’s day or li the spirit of another who is struggling.

Too o en, we only see our di erences, rather than see that which is the same between us. This holiday season, please try to make a small investment in another’s day. We promise it will bring a smile to your face and like the ripples from throwing a small pebble in a pond, it will spread to others.

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