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By sr0cke2 Posted November 14, 2018 In Blog

Each year, one of our favorite family traditions is piling everyone into the van, bringing so fleece blankets for all, sipping hot chocolate, listening to Christmas carols, and driving to look at the elaborate holiday decorations around town.

We bring certificates and treats with us and vote on the best displays of the night and give our “awards” to those homes that we feel best capture the holiday spirit. This is a fun way to give back to those who silently work hard and make a significant economic commitment to complete strangers. I find that this practice has taught our children to be more appreciative of the behind the scenes work that o en goes unnoticed.

Through the last several years that we’ve lived in Utah County, we have found several favorites and are regular visitors to see their displays. It’s fun to see what the homeowners have added each year, since most of the time the best displays are dynamic in nature. There are many displays that we’ve dubbed as, “mega decorators.” They stand apart in the quantity and quality of their displays.

Within the last year or so, we’ve been able to meet a couple of these mega-decorators as they decided to store their display pieces in one of our Springville self storage units. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. There is a commitment when someone decides to decorate their home by going big with holiday décor. Rather than store these items in a garage or basement, by using our facilities, the mega-decorator is able to store them where they will not risk being bumped, disturbed, etc.

Even though most people are not mega-decorators, storing holiday items your storage units just makes sense. The best items to store in a self storage facility are those that you don’t need o en and want to be safe and secure.

It sounds a little silly, but knowing that we’re protecting holiday decorations in our storage in Springville makes it feel a little bit like Christmas each day. I’m not going to lie, when I see folks pull in with an empty truck and leave with holiday decorations, I am ready to break out the hot chocolate and Christmas carols.

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