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By sr0cke2 Posted November 21, 2018 In Blog

So here you are, having cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner, cleaned up all those dishes and braved the dark cold early Black Friday crowds. You’ve stood in a long, cold line during the predawn hours of Black Friday, still a bit hung over from too much turkey, only for the privilege of waiting for the opportunity to purchase the biggest wish list item for your family. Everything goes well, and you’re on the way back home, when you realize that taking these parcels home and hiding them from Zeegan or SciErrah (because we do live in Utah Valley a er all) will not work. They are sneaky little snoops at the holidays and will scope out these gi s like a starvin’ dog on a Christmas ham.

Rather than hiding gi s on premises, head straight over to the nearest self storage in Orem, rent a small unit and put everything in there. Return home dejected, with a grocery sack with facial tissue and a can or two of lima beans, and apologize to everyone that your outing was unsuccessful. You will hear the pin drop as your surprises remain fully intact.

Did you know that even the British Royal Family has nosy package peekers at the holidays? Princess Diana, Prince William, and now Prince George each have the habit of looking for and opening gi s early. So, if one of your kinfolk has this challenging habit, at least they’re in good company!
Christmas saved, level expert.

It is becoming more common for families are taking a bit of their holiday savings, renting a storage unit, and utilizing the technique above to help them with their Christmas plans. You will need to check for the gate hours for your facility, so you are able to access you own Santa’s workshop if you’ve been shopping a er work. Spare Space Storage o ers Orem storage unit access from 6 AM to 10 PM.

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