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By sr0cke2 Posted November 7, 2018 In Blog

Every so o en, we run across some rather creative uses for our storage in Springville. Working with di erent people and helping them with keeping their extra possessions is not only our business, but a privilege. If you think about it, we help you keep your excess safe and you trust us with memories. We take that responsibility very seriously.

One common response that we hear when we ask people what brought them to rent a unit in our Springville self storage location, is that people wanted to be more organized. Since we have our challenges with this very issue, we o en ask our renters’ about their tips and tricks.

The tip that comes up most frequently is that we need to create habits that match those of an organized person. These habits look di erently for each of us. When we look to change a habit, it is uncomfortable. So, some psychologists suggest that rather than making a giant sweeping change and trying to live another lifestyle in one quick proclamation, it is more e ective to find one small area that you want to improve and create a new habit to replace the old one and then tackle another habit. This step-by-step approach allows changes to be less uncomfortable, more manageable, and increases the likelihood that we will be successful in our e orts to be more organized.

To implement this into your life is to begin by selecting one small area on which to focus. It is very important to find an area that you can see progress and you can easily maintain. In this way, you are increasing the chances that you will be successful.

A leading online organizer has an extensive step-by-step program that starts this very way. The area that she chose in her e orts to be more organized was to have a clean sink every night before she went to bed. She was able to maintain this goal for an extended feeling of time, and her viewpoint of taking care of small things each day was moved to other areas of her home. The thing is, it really doesn’t matter what you choose, just that you choose something.

I was inspired to tackle our family’s closets by one of our clients. This man lived alone in a small one-bedroom apartment and didn’t have much closet space, so he rented a small storage unit near his Utah County apartment. Never fail, on the first day of every spring and fall, he would appear with a few plastic bins and leave with a few. Once, I asked him what he did so regularly, and he answered that he used the calendar to signal him to switch out his wardrobe. He had designated a section of his unit for his spring/summer or fall/winter wardrobe.

Small and consistent steps help us become more organized and are more likely to stick with us than deciding one day to change everything.

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